Tom Cruise And The Recipe For Success

Whoever read the news about a new personal aircraft designed for the rich and famous who want to take luxury to the next level (as cars and yachts are so yesterday!) couldn’t help but remember Tom Cruise’s hit Top Gun, as the new Saker S-1 toy looks exactly like something rebel Maverick flying the aggressive fighter jet. This bad ass Williams FJ44-4 engine aircraft is said to cost somewhere around $7 - $9 millions, but the producers didn’t set the price yet, only the estimated first deliveries, which will start in 2019. Would Tom Cruise afford such an expensive transportation? Well, if you consider that he was listed on the 8th place in Forbes top ten best paid actors in Hollywood in the last year, with an estimated revenue reaching around $35 millions (as his latest projects Jack Reacher and Oblivion became international hits), you might think he could indulge himself in purchasing a plane that looks like it was meant for his Top Gun character.

But Cruise doesn’t seem that kind of guy, on the contrary. Reaching 50 years old and taking pride in an impressive career and roles that made history, Cruise also gained some wisdom and clarity and his recent acts prove he is one of the kind. He went back to school! Well, not for long, as he just surprised the students of Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown acting studio in Santa Monica by showing up and offering them a commencement speech which for the future actors probably sounded like an Oscar – worthy moment. His motivational speech impressed the audience so much, some of the attendees confessing afterwards that “it was one of the most inspiring speeches we’ve had. It was so much more than a lecture about what to do in an audition.” Cruise’s full speech is available on the Internet and if you’re from the area and you have a good Charter Cable California deal, you can witness by yourself that famous actor is not the type of Hollywood diva we are all used to, but on the contrary, he advised the students to not become prima donnas, to learn everything they can, to give everything they’ve got and to be essentially good humans.

Tom Cruise has also some personal connections to the famous acting college (as it educated big names such as Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry and Robin Wright) because including his cousin William Mapother was an alumni there. If you don’t know who Mapother is, we have four words for you: Ethan Rom from Lost. Eh? Rings any bell?

The press saluted Cruise’s initiative, as he really made an outstanding impression on the ones present, while on the side, the media is quite focused on his present and future acting projects. Oblivion received majorly positive critique and Cruise still has something in his sleeve for us all, as his new action / sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow is set for release in June 2014, while 2015 apparently will bring him back to us in Mission: Impossible 5 in the role of beloved Ethan Hunt.