TECH: Japanese Company Creates World's First Wearable Mech Suit.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever seen Avatar the movie? Well if you have you may remember the cool mech suits that were worn in the film. Now you can have your your very own once you have 12.5 million yen or US$12,6500 to spend. Japanese tech company Sagawa Electronics has created the Powered Jacket MK3, a functional mech suit that stands at over seven feet tall. The creators of this futuristic robot suit claim it “is the first commercial product in the world of a powered suit that can be worn.

Operators simply place themselves into the suit, and the MK3 replicates the operator’s limb movements. The MK3’s hands are delicate enough to pick up and handle an egg. The MK3 safely supports brisk walking and even jogging. The large canopy serves to protect the operator, and is claimed by Sagawa Electronics to function as a cuteness shield, as well.


The mastermind Mr. Scarface Santaro hosts the promotional video that seems to be a jokingly serious presentation of the MK3. The Powered Jacket MK3’s target demographic is also perplexing to fathom. Because it currently offers little besides novelty value, the suit won’t be mass produced by Sagawa Electronics any time soon. 

If I had all that money to waste I probably would have bought it but I think that the suit could use a bit more features. I think that if the suit had an option that allows the operators to fly I would have thrown all my money behind that sh*t. But for now, I could do without a clunky mech suit. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.