SCIENCE: Earth May Have Once Had A Second Moon?

Sup Travellers?! Am I the only one who finds the moon to be an amazing piece of God's creation? It's a big ball of rock just floating above our heads that just never falls. Butt what if I told you that the earth may have had another moon orbiting it? Well a scientist seems to be believe after doing much research that the earth actually had a second moon. Read on.

According to the Telegraph, a professor named Erik Aspaug at the University of California at Santa Cruz will share a theory at a September conference about our natural satellite. Asphaug claims that the earth had a second moon. He says the second moon would have been much tinier—about 1/30th the size of our moon. But after orbiting Earth for a few million years, it would have had quite the impact, literally, on its larger twin.

Asphaug believes that "it would have collided with the moon to leave the one large body we see today." And what PhysOrg terms the "strange terrain" on the moon's far side could very well be the remnants of that little moon, which could have left a layer "tens of kilometers deep" upon impact.


Now i'm no Science expert but I personally don't think that Asphaug is on to anything. I don't think the earth had a second moon. I strongly believe that if there was a second moon there would have been more evidence of its existence physically. Maybe in September when Asphaug puts together his presentation he may provide some more evidence, but for now it's nothing but a far fetched theory. But whatever the case may be it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed