SAD: Saudi Arabian Blogger Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison And 600 Lashes.

Sup Travellers?! Freedom of expression is a huge thing in the world today especially since the dawn of the internet. However, in some countries freedom of expression is something that isn't even given one flying sh*t especially when religion and politics are involved.  A Saudi blogger has been sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes for using his website to insult Islam. Read on.

Raif Badawi, 35, a popular blogger from Saudi Arabia is in a lot of trouble with the Saudi Arabian officials after he used his website to insult Islam. He was also arrested last year for apostasy which is punishable by death. I'm sure you want to know what is apostasy. Do you? Well have some patience i'll tell you. No need to shout!! Apostasy is basically the abandoning of religion. Apparently you can't publicly commit apostasy in Saudi Arabia. If you do, you'll be sentenced to the death penalty. However, he wasn't sentenced to the death penalty but instead he was charged for calling for "religious liberalization" in the country and criticizing the religious police, AFP reports. The judge also ordered that the website, Free Saudi Liberals, be shut down.

"This incredibly harsh sentence for a peaceful blogger makes a mockery of Saudi Arabia's claims that it supports reform and religious dialogue," says a spokesperson for Human Rights Watch, per CNN. A State Department spokeswoman says the US is also "deeply concerned" about the sentence, "We believe that when public speech is deemed offensive, be it via social media or any other means, the issue is best addressed through open dialogue and honest debate," she says. Badawi's lashes will be administered 150 at a time. His lawyer says he will appeal the sentence.

There are certain things that you should stay away from as a blogger. The first thing is religion. Never talk about religion unless it's in the form of a reference. Opinionated blogging about religion is a no, no matter what country you're from. Even though I disagree with his decision I still think that his punishment is a bit harsh. He should have just been exiled or something. Nowadays, if you have something to say about a religion it's best you keep that to yourself. The next thing you should never blog about is race. You should also never talk about politics..... BUT SCREW POLITICS!!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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