SAD: iPhone Kills 23 Year Old Woman.

Sup Travellers?! If you own an iPhone you may want to think twice before answering it because it may just be your last call. According to latest reports, a 23 year old Chinese woman died after allegedly getting electrocuted by her charging iPhone. Apple Inc is currently going above and beyond in the investigation because the report has now given them a bad name in China and the rest of the world. Read on.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a 23 year old Chinese woman named Ma Ailun was electrocuted by her charging iPhone. Now, it isn't clear how valid the statement is because we only have what the family of the victim reported. A local official says Ma Ailun's "neck had an obvious electronic injury." But it's not certain whether the phone, charger, or neither are to blame but it was discovered that her iPhone 5 was near. The state of the iPhone has not been revealed

Uncertified chargers are widespread in China, according to the China Consumers' Association, which says they can make a phone a "pocket grenade." The woman left the bathtub to answer the phone, which could have lowered her resistance to electrocution, the Atlantic Wire notes.


But "the likelihood of electrocution by iPhone is very, very low. It takes a lot of very particular circumstances that unfortunately transpired for Ma Ailun, which probably is why this is the first news report of this ever happening," writes Rebecca Greenfield from the Atlantic Wire.

Don't go throwing away your iPhones and start pointing fingers at Apple just yet. If your Gucci linen rips it doesn't mean that Gucci is a horrible brand. I know it's a horrible comparison but I hope you get my point. I've answered a charging iPhone before and you don't see me getting electrocuted. However, I would advise you to be a bit more careful now, especially if you have the iPhone 5. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. It was most likely some shitty, cheap uncertified iPhone charger that did the job.


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