ENTERTAINMENT: Rihanna Makes Reggae Artiste, Busy Signal Even More Famous.

Sup Travellers?! It has been brought to my attention lately that Reggae music is taking over, once again. It hasn't made a full take over yet but it's slowly getting there. It's one of the few genres in the Caribbean that is making giant leaps of upward progress. Jamaican music took the cake when it got an entire segment on the BET Awards 2013 and a few days ago Rihanna put some icing on the cake with a little video stunt. Read on.

Just recently the Pop/R&B princess Rihanna made a video of herself dancing to Come Over by Busy Signal. It may not have seemed like much at first but a few seconds after the video was released by Rihanna, the music video by Busy Signal began to shoot up in viewership. And only in matter of the days the video skyrocketed from a mere 1.3 million views to 3 million+ and growing by the second. But all Rihanna did was make a 16 second video of herself dancing to the song. Yes.. Rihanna is that powerful. The video is below.

The increase in viewership also got the attention of MTV Iggy, an official arm of MTV that relentlessly scours the globe in search of exciting young musicians creating the sounds of the future. Unga, an accomplished producer and musician said he has been getting a lot of calls and positive feedback from various industry players across the world regarding the project.

Big up to Busy Signal on finding Rihanna's good ear. I'm not sure how far this little stunt is going to get him but it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.