CELEBS: Kevin Jonas Is Going To Be A Father...

Sup Travellers?! Who remembers the Jonas Brothers? They've been very inactive for the past couple years but recently they started picking up the slack. They started back touring, creating new music and the eldest of the three, Kevin, has his own hit E! reality show with his wife called, "Married to Jonas". Things are going really good for the Jonas Brothers but things are about to get even better because Danielle Jonas is pregnant!! Read on.

According to reports from E! Online,  Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle are expecting their first baby. "I was overjoyed," Kevin revealed exclusively to E! News' Giuliana Rancic via Skype upon learning about his wife's pregnancy. "It's been the most exciting thing in my life so far." He added, "I'm excited and I'm nervous."

Kevin and Danielle have been married for a little less than 4 years after their wedding ceremony in December 2009. The couple met in 2007 while they were each in the Bahamas with their families. The happy couple stars in the hit reality show "Married to Jonas" and have on many occasions discussed the prospects of having kids on the show.


I'm not a huge Jonas Brothers fan but I have heard some of their music and managed to stumble upon the reality show while flicking through the channels. If i'm not mistaken, E! is going to have a good day in the bank when the next season of "Married to Jonas" premieres. Anyway, congratulations to the young couple on their pending child. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.