CELEBS: Kate Middleton Is In Labor. The Royal Baby Is Coming.

Sup Travellers?! Remember that day when Kim Kardashian gave birth and the whole world went nuts. Well, a importanter more important baby is coming, the royal baby. According to reports from the BBC, Kate Middleton is in the early stages of labor and may give birth to her little bundle of joy as soon as today.

The BBC reports that  Kate Middleton is in labor at the London's St. Mary's Hospital. The details was first reported by the Royal Family. She's in the "early stages," and the CNN notes that the hospital she is in is the same hospital where William and Harry were born. Details are few, and there won't likely be more information until the baby is born, says a BBC correspondent.

Despite the fact that the media has set up camp outside the hospital in hopes of getting news, the news will not be presented to them on a silver platter until the Royal family decides to publicize it. The eventual news of the birth will come via ... easel. A royal aide will cart a doctor-signed medical bulletin from the hospital to Buckingham Palace once the blessed event has taken place; there, it will be placed on an easel. So the media will have to go to Buckingham palace to get the news so camping outside the hospital is useless. But that's the media for you..lol.

I never really cared much about the Royal Family till Kate Middleton stepped in. She's an amazing woman if you ask me. So i'm staying tuned to get the latest news on her baby and I will ensure to keep you informed on the developments. So don't forget to like and subscribe to my blog for all the latest. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed