CELEBS: Kate Middleton And Prince William Announce Baby's Name.

Sup Travellers?! Prince William and Kate Middleton didn't waste any time in letting everyone see their new baby boy. They also didn't waste much time in letting the public know the name of their little bundle of joy. Only a few days after the future king of England was born his name was revealed to the world.

The heir to the throne of England will hereby be known as HRH Prince George of Cambridge, with his whole name being George Alexander Louis. How does that sound? Prince George? He will be known as King George in the future but who's rushing. We all know that a lot of people couldn't give a flying fish abou the new baby, but in England it is a really big deal. It has been cultured over the years to be a big deal. So let's respect their culture and show some interest in the little baby boy. Shall we. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.