Why do we Need Webhosting

It seems that we all need a presence on the World Wide Web. Whether it is to tell all of our friends everything that we do in our lives, no matter how mundane; sell our products; or impart our fantastic knowledge to others, we all want our little piece of cyber space. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, let’s face it, I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I thought there was. The internet is all about sharing and showing and that is exactly what we are all doing. But if it wasn’t for webhosting, none of this would be possible.

You see in order for us to have web space we need just that, space on the web. And if we want people to be able to visit our little bit of super highway history then we need this route to be open at all times. Then there are the numbers of people who want to visit our little piece of perfection. To cater for large amounts of traffic you need high speed connections and high bandwidth.

So if we wanted to run our website from our own homes we would need the disk space to do it with, the bandwidth to cope with the millions of people that cannot wait to see what you have done and we could never switch our computers off or our audience would be left hanging.

Now are you starting to see why webhosting is absolutely essential?

Let’s start with the issue of space. When you are looking to start a website you want it to be fantastic. These days anything less is simply not good enough and doomed to fail. So to create an all singing and dancing site you are going to need quite a lot of disk space. When you are looking at webhosting options make sure you get the space you need.

Now let’s look at the availability bit. You need your website to be available 24hrs a day on every day of the year, especially if it is a business website. So when it comes to choosing webhosting look for sites that offer multiple servers and connections and maybe even generator power back up. This is what you need to be available at all times.

Then you need to look at the numbers. Just as with transport routes, the busier the destination the bigger the road that leads to it has to be. So make sure that the webhosting company you use can give you enough bandwidth to cope with all of your devoted fans. Remember that people like their web experience to be instant and the better the bandwidth the faster your site will be.

So if you are planning a massive party you hire a hall. You know well that you won’t get everybody into your apartment and that at 5 in the morning the neighbors will complain about the visitors that are still arriving. Not only that but there isn’t enough parking for all the guests.

When you take your piece of cyber space to make it your showcase you need to do exactly the same, hire some webhosting space and keep everyone happy.