WEIRD: The Story Of Michele Koebke, The Woman With A Freakishly Small Waist

Sup Travellers?! What would you prefer? A big waist or a small waist? Which is more attractive to you? Well to me, any size waist is good once it's proportionate and looks normal. However, a German woman thinks that the smaller the waist, the better, and she's done all she can to achieve small "waistedness". Read on to get more details.

Michele Koebke has worn corsets for three years to shrink her 25-inch (64 cm) waist to a mere 21-inches (54 cm), Barcroft TV reports. The 24-year-old from Germany said that she only takes her corset off to shower. She even sleeps in it.

"I started binding at the end of 2009," Koebke said. "I can bind [my waist] down to 41 cm (16 in). I want to get to 38 cm (14.9 in)."

If she succeeds, she'd have out-shrunk the current Guinness World Record holder, Cathie Jung, whose waist is a minuscule 15 in. But her corseting has had many negative effects on her health. She cannot stomach normal-sized meals, she must eat ten tiny meals per day, according to Barcroft. She also suffers from shortness of breath and has difficulty supporting herself without a corset. That won't stop her, though. She doesn't experience pain, and is set on trying to break the world record. So she doesn't care.


It's obvious that her life goal is to achieve the world's smallest waist and she's willing to die for it. Some people may call her crazy and I agree, but we can't deny the fact that she is determined. She's putting her life on the line to accomplish her dreams. If she achieves the record of having the world's smallest waist then she can die happily. Let's just accept the fact that we are all different and have different aspirations but I am in no way encouraging killing yourself to achieve your dreams. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.