TRINIDAD: Two 14 Year Old School Boys Appear In Court For Assaulting Their Dean.

Sup Travellers?! I don't know if anyone remembers the article I wrote about the 14 year old boy who was killed at Waterloo High School, Carapichaima over a girl. Do you remember? That was 10 days ago. Well the slackness in Carapichaima is back again, but this time no one died. According to reports from the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, two boys, both aged 14, from the Carapichaima East Secondary School appeared before a Chaguanas magistrate yesterday charged with assaulting the Dean of that school on Tuesday. Read on.

The Dean, according to police sources, had to seek medical attention. Reports are that MTS guards at the Mc Leod Street, Carapichaima school had to call in police officers to stop the vicious fight which began with the two boys that led to an uproar among the student population. Shortly after ten o’clock on Tuesday morning, the two Form Two students began arguing over a video game and the quarrel escalated into a fight. One of the boys is said to have grabbed hold of a broomstick and began to beat the other.


As the fight intensified the two boys reached inside the Dean’s office where he attempted to reason with them. However, the two students ganged up and attacked the Dean who was caught off guard and beaten to a pulp. Police said the Dean was kicked and cuffed by both students. MTS personnel at the school telephoned the Freeport Police station for assistance and three officers responded to assist in quelling what was rapidly turning into a riot by students. 

I was 14 years old only just a few years ago and I know that there are always fights in schools. However, most fights usually end when a staff member intervenes. But I have no clue what's going on now. Students don't just assault teachers just so, especially 14 year old students. What made this even worse is that the fight was over a video game.... A VIDEO GAME!!! Those two probably just stopped wetting the bed and they already beating up their authorities. Sigh. I think every school in Trinidad and Tobago should have a weekly exorcism, because the level of devils in schools are too high!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed


  1. and i thought schools in america was bad i was always saying to kids in school that we wouldn't behave like that in Trinidad but i guess i was wrong smh

  2. These kinds of fight shouldnt just happen in Carpichima but in all schools so the student s will be able to see and enjoy the entertainment!


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