TRINIDAD: Machel Montano Is Launching His Own Store This Month.....

Sup Travellers?! If you are from Trinidad and Tobago and you're reading this then I assume that you know who Machel Montano is. But just for informing purposes i'll tell you that he is the biggest Soca star in the world. However, according to Etcetera Buzz the "Float" singer has tried his hands on many other business ventures and the latest of it being his own store. Read on for more details.

On June 17th 2013 Machel Montano will be launching his own store called "The M Store" at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad. It's obvious that the M stands for Machel so there shouldn't be any mystery there. According to Montano’s mother, Elizabeth Montano, a lot is being done behind the scenes to accomplish the task at hand. She said, “I have a lot I’m dealing with right now and I have to keep things in order in my head, but I will tell you that the launch is on June 17. We’ll reveal everything then.


As most of you may know, Machel Montano is doing really well despite his $30,000TTD fine in his assault case. He recently signed a licensing/publishing contract with Universal Music France affiliate AZ and made an agreement with the company’s management arm –  the Olympia Agency. Recently he also signed on to star in a Bollywood movie called Scandalous and Mr. Montano also shared the stage with some of music’s biggest superstars in March at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Machel is fixed for life no matter how much people try to break him. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.