TECH: Toyota Will Donate One Meal for Each View This Video Gets....

Sup Travellers?! Do you want to make a difference? Well the car company Toyota is giving you a means of which you can do so. All you have to do is watch the video below and you instantly made a difference. You can also make more of a difference by sharing the video with your friends and have them make difference as well. Makes sense right?

Toyota is donating up to 1.25 million meals — one for each YouTube view of the video above — to the Food Bank of New York. Since Hurricane Sandy, Toyota has already donated 250,000 meals to communities in the Rockaways that were severely effected by the storm.

After the hurricane, which devastated the lives of thousands, Toyota teamed up with the Food Bank of New York to deliver hundreds of thousands of meals to hungry people affected by the storm. Building on the work it has been doing since the storm, the company has released the video and corresponding website, called Meals Per Hour," about skills-based volunteerism.

In less than two days since it was posted on YouTube, the video has garnered nearly half a million views. This was in large part thanks to landing a coveted spot on Reddit's homepage.

The video, created by Supermarche, shows how Toyota helped improve the Food Bank's processes after Sandy, so that more meals could reach more New Yorkers.