SAD: Woman Murdered On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Over $1.00..

Sup Travellers?! What can you do with US$1.00? Well there is a few things you can do but nothing much, am I right? So can I safely say that a dollar isn't worth someone's life? Well, i'd hope that you agree with me because a dollar is nothing compared to a human's life. However, a few people at Hollywood's Walk of Fame seemed to have a different idea about the price of a human life. Read on.

A woman was stabbed on Tuesday after refusing to give a trio of panhandlers $1 for a photo she took of their cardboard signs, police say. Christine Calderon, 23, was walking with her co-worker when she took a cellphone photo of the signs, which apparently paired requests for money with four-letter obscenities and a smiley face, reports the LA Times. After refusing to hand over a dollar, her co-worker was allegedly pinned to a store's wall by two of the men; the third attacked Calderon, say police. She was stabbed multiple times, including in the torso, according to the AP, and collapsed just feet from the scene; she was pronounced dead three hours later.


One witness told the Times that people in the popular tourist area pressed on her stomach in attempt to staunch the bleeding, which turned her white top to red. Meanwhile, her mother said Calderon had signed up for classes at a community college just days before the attack. "Her plan was to become an engineer," she told the Times. "She didn't want to waste years. She wanted to get in there and do it right." Three men have been arrested, according to police.

The attackers really need to get their brain cells in order because anyone who attacks a person for a dollar has some loose screws. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a relatively safe place but then again, is anywhere safe nowadays? Let's just hope that Hollywood authorities don't let something like this happen again. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.