SAD: Teen Kills His 5 Year Old Sister..........

Sup Travellers?! Do you watch wrestling? Well if you do you'll know that most of it is just fake a*s acting by people who have trained for years to master the act. However, big problems can occur when untrained and unskilled teenagers try to do some of those wrestling moves themselves on their siblings. According to Jefferson Parish Police reports, a 13-year-old Louisiana boy decided to try out wrestling moves he saw on TV on his half-sister, and ended up killing the 5-year-old girl on Sunday. Read on.

Devalon Armstrong, who was babysitting sister Viloude Louis at the time, told Jefferson Parish police he was imitating WWE moves, and continued for two to three minutes even after she complained he was hurting her, an officer says. Devalon allegedly slammed Viloude onto the bed, jumped on her, punched her in the stomach, and practiced "elbow drops" on her. He has been charged with second-degree murder, the Times-Picayune reports.


Devalon told police his sister complained her stomach was hurting, then went to brush her teeth and didn't come back. He found her on the floor 30 minutes later and took her to lay on the couch, then called 911 a short time later when he saw she had stopped breathing. An autopsy found her death was caused by severe blunt force trauma, internal bleeding, and injuries including broken ribs and liver lacerations.

It's so sad that both lives were lost in this incident. First the 5 year old girl lost her life and the 13 year old boy is going to lose most of his life is jail. This is the exact reason why you always see the disclaimer on dangerous shows, "Don't try this at home!" RIP Viloude Louis. My name is Trinkid and you've just been informed.