Mesmerizing Holiday: The Irresistible Taste Of Tel Aviv (Israel)

Tel Aviv is situated on the Mediterranean coastline of Israeli. It was founded in 1909 and is Israel’s second largest city with an area measuring about 50 square km. The city is also known as the White City because of its Bauhaus style of buildings.

Tel Aviv is a city with mesmerizing charm and amazing architectural heritage. With cosmopolitan lifestyle, up-scaling shopping, great weather and beautiful beaches, restaurants cafes and bars, Tel Aviv remains a popular tourist destination. You will instantly fall in love with this land of fantasy once you set foot in it. So what makes Tel Aviv an irresistible travel destination spot?

- Impeccable Airport and transport system
It is not much of a hustle if one wishes to travel to Tel Aviv. There are flights from almost every country to this beautiful and famous city. The city has one of the most organized and excellent airports in Middle East and in the world. UK nationals wishing to visit Israel must hold Qatar Airways UK number for convenient travel experience.

- Rich architectural and cultural heritage
Tel Aviv has over 4000 buildings built in Bauhaus style by the German Jewish architects. These unique vintage but also urban buildings are a startling attraction of the city. Because of this style of building, Tel Aviv was named White City and proclaimed a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO. It has rich cultural exhibition pavilions such as Historic independence hall museum, Haaretz museum, old Jaffa's boardwalk and tantalizing Carmel market.

- Beautiful beaches
A tour is incomplete without a visit to the clean white sand beaches of the city. Worshipers of the sun will be amazed by the beautiful 14km long beaches located in the wet side of the city. The clear blue waters and white warm sands make them a hot spot for relaxing and water sport activities.

- Tantalizing food varieties
Tel Aviv being an international tourist destination spot offers a rich variety of delicacies and cuisines that range from local, seafood, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian, French, Japanese, Italian and many others.

- Events and festivals
Tel Aviv is a city bustling with activities events and festivals that run throughout the months of the year. The most famous ones are the Israel marathon, Passover, beer festival and love parade.

- Affordable accommodation
Tel Aviv offers a lot in terms of accommodation and hospitality. Whether you wish for a home away from home or a comfy bed and breakfast, the city has some of the best and reasonably priced accommodations. You can opt to choose a hotel, rental apartment or modern self-styled villa according to your preference.

- Bustling night life
This city is studded with many bars and night clubs than any part of the globe and because of this it has been nicknamed as the city that never sleeps. For the party lovers the Friday night Sabbath and cocktail lounges make this popular that never stops a night paradise.

All these make Tel Aviv a popular spot for travel and holiday. The city is a paradise haven for its visitors.