Gaining a Musical Theatre Degree: Tips to Apply for a Performing Arts Course

Gaining a theatre degree to achieve a career in performing arts can be a daunting prospect. Choosing the right academy can have a massive impact on the start of your career with the potential to put you ahead of others.

You will firstly search for the academy that will suit your requirements. When choosing an academy, you need one that will suit you and help you get ahead so keep your options open to find the best. The academy you choose needs to be experienced and have the knowledge to keep up with current trends. There are many things to consider if you’re looking at gaining a musical theatre degree.
Choose an academy that offers you the best opportunities and chances to perform. This will help you gain first-hand experience to help you progress.
Search the internet to find academies that are well established and have the experience needed for your musical theatre degree.
Request a prospectus from the academy’s website to gain more information.
When searching the internet view testimonials and their list of recognised performing artists as this will give you an amazing idea of what can be achieved.
Once you have a shortlist, visit academies directly as this will give an idea of whether the academy and their members suit you.
Academies give you the opportunity to attend open auditions where you can gather all the information you require and also get the best feel of what the academy can offer you.

Once you have chosen the perfect academy for gaining your musical theatre degree, you need to begin the application.
Musical theatre auditions are done in two ways.
1. If you are looking at attending an open audition you will usually find chances to register your interest on the academy’s website; book your place for the day. These opportunities are often given free of charge making them perfect to gather information and ensure the academy suits your requirements. The auditions are held as a group with individual interviews included.
2. Individual auditions are also available by completing an application form on the academy’s website. There is usually a small fee charged.

Once you have made your choice on how you wish to complete your application and audition, you need to prepare. The main part of the application for you is preparation as you need to make the best impression. Auditions are nerve wracking for many people and preparation can help you on your way to gaining a musical theatre degree.
Check over the audition requirements and double-check to ensure you are fully prepared as to what is required. If you are unsure, gather more information to make sure you prepare suitably.
Even experienced performers will become nervous under the pressure of an audition so practice as much as possible to make the most of your moment.
Get help and advice when making preparations from someone with experience such as a teacher or private tutor. It’s never too early to start your preparations. Confidence will show in your audition and the more prepared you are the more confident you will feel.
Make your performance one you know you can do to the best of your ability. Don’t be tempted to try to complete an extremely complicated performance if you do not feel comfortable; ensure what you choose is right for you.

When gaining your degree you can get ahead and make the most of the opportunity by choosing the best academy. Prepare when making your application as early as possible to ensure you are confident and give your performance to the best of your ability.
Choose the best academy to suit your requirements to help you get the best experience. Gaining a musical theatre degree can become less daunting with great preparation when making your application.
Bio: Lisa is a careers and development blogger based in the UK. Lisa highly recommends using as much information as you can online to help you make decisions so you can gain your musical theatre degree and enjoy the career you want.