ENTERTAINMENT: Will.I.AM Takes Pharrell To Court Because.......

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever heard of the Black Eyed Peas? That super popular band with names like Fergie and Will.I.Am in it? Well according to latest reports, a member of the Black Eyed Peas is being taken to court by the singer/producer, Pharrell. I am also going to assume that you know who Pharrell is. Read on.

According to reports from Rolling Stone Magazine, Will.I.Am is taking legal action against Pharrell Williams over the latter's new creative brand "i am OTHER" – claiming that he owns the copyright to the phrase "I AM" and that Pharrell's logo is "confusingly similar," according to official court documents obtained by Rolling Stone. In his notice of opposition, Will.i.am argues that Pharrell would be using his "i am OTHER" brand on clothing and other items in a manner similar to the goods that bear his own "I AM" logo. "The registration of the mark . . . is likely to dilute the I AM mark and the WILL.I.AM mark," the document reads.


Lawyers for Pharrell and "i am OTHER" filed an answer to Will.i.am's notice of opposition, denying all such claims.

"I am disappointed that Will, a fellow artist, would file a case against me," Pharrell says in a statement to RS. "I am someone who likes to talk things out and, in fact, I attempted to do just that on many occasions. I am surprised in how this is being handled and I am confident that Will's trademark claims will ultimately be found to be as meritless and ridiculous as I do."

I agree with Pharrell. Will's claims are meritless. How can you say that you own the rights to the words. "I Am"? That's as ridiculous as ridiculous as Apple Inc suing a fruit vendor for selling apples. I don't think that Will will win but whatever happens it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.