ENTERTAINMENT: Why London's escort agencies are amongst the best

This article looks at the London escorting scene and considers what makes it amongst the best in the world - providing opportunities for visiting business people to enjoy attractive company with gorgeous escorts.

Why escorts?
When you travel on business, it is notoriously hard to meet people - particularly in the romantic context. Luckily London has a great deal to offer in terms of a singles scene, but not everyone is looking for a full relationship, particularly if they travel regularly to different destinations or aren't in a position to commit. In such circumstances, it can be unfair to date someone who is potentially looking for something more long-term and stable and can cause frustrations on both sides if expectations are different. In such circumstances, escorting services can be very useful, as they offer a valuable and professional service to people who are working in the city and need attractive company for a variety of reasons.

A variety of functions
Some business people need an escort to attend a corporate function or gala dinner with and this is very common - particularly when the event invites a 'plus one' and the individual doesn't have their local contacts to hand! An escort can provide the necessary high-quality extra that the individual needs to impress their colleagues and potential clients. Some escorts are particularly well educated and have a range of professional backgrounds and languages, so can attend high profile events convincingly and provide a valuable support service for their client. Other individuals are simply looking to relax after work and enjoy fun and companionship with an attractive individual after their working day is done; to have someone to see the city lights with and enjoy romantic encounters with. Escorts are hugely varied in terms of the services they provide and the situations they cover and some will be quite specific in serving niche markets. Others will build up small lists of regular clients that they see often and whom they build up a regular working relationship with. This can be very satisfying for the client and provide a vital lifeline when working away from home.

The best of quality
London escorts are also known for being extremely high quality, both in terms of the escorts on offer on the books and in terms of the way the agencies are run. Thanks to the diverse and cosmopolitan nature of London, there will be escorts of all nationalities and backgrounds on offer, some offering diverse language skills. The agency will generally have an online presence and the ability to book appointments in a discreet and confidential way. The contacts will be discreet and the service will seek to maintain client confidentiality at all times, particularly if they are seeking to maintain customer loyalty and repeat business. An escort is a service business, so look out for signs that the client is well catered for and placed at the heart of the operation and that there are clear processes for booking an escort, arranging for repeat bookings, paying and managing travel arrangements in a way that suits you. Enjoy and have fun!

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