ENTERTAINMENT: What to do before an audition?

Acting is one of the most popular trades today. Almost each one of us has dreamt of becoming an actor at some point or the other. But for many it is just a fleeting passion. Time goes by and they move away towards other options. Nonetheless, those who decide, it is their true calling, they persevere through many hurdles for that one break. This break makes all the difference between a life of anonymity and their dreams coming true. But landing such an opportunity depends largely on knowing where to be when.You cannot expect to be discovered one fine day, you’ve to find out where the right auditions are being held and let yourself be seen.

But even when you’ve found out the right kind of acting job and the audition location is also available to you, there are still some other factors you need to look after. Without these you might not be able to land the job. Following are a list of things you need to cross off your check list before you appear for any audition.

What to do before the audition?
·         Research – There are a number of websites available which carry information about all types of auditions.These websites contain not only listings of various try outs and casting calls, they also provide you with details about audition locations, roles, submission details etc. Also, these pages are regularly updated with the latest information. So if you keep a tab on them, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity again.
*Especially watch out for auditions taking place in your locality.

·         Headshots and resume – Pay particular attention to your headshots. A great headshot will not only help you get noticed, it also leaves a lasting impression as it is what stays with the casting agent after you’ve physically left the try out session. Don’t be stingy with a headshot photographer; look for the best and professional one.

When preparing your resume list all of your noteworthy experiences. These can include any student productions, community workshops, cable shows etc. But try not to give into the temptation of inflating your resume falsely. These can ruin your future chances of finding any work.

·         Practice – Acting is a craft which needs to be honed with time and practice. When you’re starting fresh take up any kind of work and roles. This gives you experience and helps you build your resume. Also take up acting and vocal training classes from professionals. Explore various kinds of roles, try out improve classes, these will prepare you for any kind of work that comes your way. In short, don’t limit your scope of performing.

·         Breakdown service – These are the sources that agents use to find work for their clients. These provide information about various kinds of roles and projects that are being tried out for, at a given time. These are one of the easiest and most effective sources to find work directly, without having to go through an agent.
·         Prepare- Before you appear for the audition make sure you know what kind of performance you’re required to give. If it’s a monologue prepare an age and role appropriate one, if it’s a musical prepare accordingly and so forth.

 If you’re a beginner and want to find out what is an audition? Or you’ve any other questions with regards to auditioning, you can look up the various websites available online.

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