CELEBS: Kanye West Proposes To Kim Kardashian!!!

Sup Travellers?! If you thought that North West was the tip of the iceberg for Kim and Kanye then you are obviously sailing the Titanic in the wrong direction, because it isn't. Kanye West is reportedly preparing to take his life with Kim Kardashian to a whole new extreme. And by extreme I mean marriage. The famous rapper has reportedly proposed to Kim and is ready for "eternity" with her. Read on.

According to reports from the New York Daily News, Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian after the birth of their daughter, North West or Nori for short. Kim, who just recently divorced her husband Kris Humphries after a year of nasty court battle has reportedly agreed to the proposal by Kanye. According to reports, the couple checked out of Cedars Sinai medical facility, where Kim gave birth, and journeyed to a private location where West popped the question. The rapper reportedly spent half a million dollars on a rare black-and-tiger-stripe diamond ring that he planned on giving her as a “push present,” which was designed months ago.


And Kanye popping the question wasn't a surprise to Kim because the two have been talking about getting hitched for months now. I'm happy that the two are are planning on settling down with each other. The wedding is reportedly going to be in Paris during the month of September this year. Let's just hope that Kim can make her marriage with Kanye last. But whatever happens it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.