WEIRD: Foster Mom Gets Arrested For Spanking Kid With A Wooden Pot Spoon.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever been spanked with a pot spoon before? I think a lot of people have had the experience of being spanked by pot spoons when they were younger, especially where i'm from. It isn't a pleasant feeling but it's definitely not something to arrest someone over. However, apparently spanking a child with a pot spoon is not legal in the US especially if you're not the biological parent. You can actually get arrested for that. Read on.

According to reports from the website, The Day, a 51 year old foster mom named Jami Littlefield from Connecticut is about to land herself in jail for third degree assault after spanking a child with a wooden pot spoon. Jami Littlefield will be sentenced to 100 days in prison and two years' probation after she pleaded guilty to hitting a 4-year-old girl with the utensil, the Day reports. The child was "acting out," telling Littlefield she was going to kill her and calling her a racial slur, Littlefield says.

Now, i'm no parent, but I think that that 4 year old girl deserved a good spanking. You cannot be 4 years old and saying that kind of ish. If I said that to my mother when I was 4 years old I might have ended up in the hospital.... I'm just saying. According to court documents, the biological mother of the 4 year old girl , Elisabeth Land, spotted bruises on her daughter's buttocks while on a supervised visit. After the child was seen by health workers, she and her brother were moved to a safe house. The little girl said that her foster mom threatened her life if she had told authorities about the spanking.


Now, I don't think that it is a foster mother's job to spank a child. However, I do think that it is a foster mom's job to discipline a child and if it involves some spanking, so be it. I think the biological mother should be happy that the foster mom put her daughter in place. I'm not going to stereotype Trinis here, but if this happened in Trinidad I think the foster mom and the biological mom would have tag teamed that girls buttocks with the potspoon. Am I right? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.