WEIRD: Fireman Dressed As A Bear Gets Run Over By Firetruck During A Carnival

Sup Travellers?! I never thought that I would ever have had a reason to use the words, "Fireman" "Firetruck" "Dressed" "Carnival" and "Bear" in the same sentence. But frankly a man from the United Kingdom made it possible. It was quite a tragic incident but we can all feel better that the man is now okay. But, i'm sure that you don't even know what i'm talking about, so just keep reading.

According to reports from The Cornishman, a firefighter dressed as a bear was run over by a firetruck last week during a family-friendly festival in the United Kingdom. Justin Matthews was walking in front of a fire engine during a parade at the Torrington Carnival when he reportedly became tangled in the vehicle's wheel, causing him to suffer a broken leg.


"We had an accident and it was a firefighter from Torrington," Graham Rook, the fire station manager, told the North Devon Journal. "Somehow or another he got caught up with the front wheel of the appliance in the carnival." Matthews was taken to the North Devon District Hospital where he received medical treatment. He was discharged later during the evening that he went, the Cornishman reports.

This is not funny despite the hilarious set up of the accident. Thank God that Mr. Matthews is okay and got to go home to his family. Maybe Mr. Matthews will think twice next time before dressing up as a bear near firetrucks. The moral of the story is: Never dress up as a bear near a firetruck, especially if your name is Justin. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Hi There, I am the above mentioned fire are right i certainly will not be wearing the bear costume in future!This is the best blog I have seen about my mis-fortunate accident.Thanks for putting a smile on my face. to update you I will be off work for a couple of months at least, as the crush injury to my leg is quite bad.

  2. Thanks man. And it's good to hear that you're okay. I hope you make a full recovery soon.

  3. Hi Trini
    Justin here again,its now 5 months on, after many complications,including two bloodclots and numerous injections I am still not back at work.I am dinally off the crutches and starting to walk better so hopefully will not be too long

  4. Stay strong man... Stay strong!!


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