TRINIDAD: Pop Fusion Band Tenzin Is About To Rock Toppers Sports Bar And Grill At Grand Bazaar. Will You Be There?

Sup Travellers?! If you're not from Trinidad and Tobago you may not find it too easy to attend the big show  with Tenzin at Toppers Bar During Thursday Night Live. However, if you are from Trinidad and Tobago, this is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a night of drinks, entertainment and a lot of company. Toppers Sports Bar and Grill located in the City of Grand Bazaar continues to host their Thursday Night Live event. The patrons of the bar are treated to retro music videos and a live performance by a local music band. On Thursday 23rd May, 2013, Toppers Sports Bar and Grill welcomes the Pop Fusion band Tenzin. The musical showcase kicks off sharply at 9pm, and everyone is invited to come have a drink while enjoying free entertainment in a relaxing atmosphere.

 “Local bands cry out for support! Toppers Sports Bar and Grill will continue to provide a stage for young performers to showcase their talent to the country” said entertainment manager Tim Hosein. The management of Toppers Sports Bar and Grill provides this local entertainment free of charge to their patrons, and at the same time, they continue to offer a competitive remuneration package for all musicians interested in performing at the bar.

Toppers has hosted many local bands from the likes of JointPop, Cornerstone, Mayaro, Rango Tango and Trin Di Pop. In March, 2013 local alternative crossover band Project Override had a very successful show at Toppers. Manager of the band Jeremy Anil Mangalsingh was very glad for the opportunity. “Toppers Sports Bar and Grill offers musicians a chance to show the public the skills they have to offer. It really is a great initiative for young musicians in Trinidad and Tobago” stated Mangalsingh.

This week, Pop Fusion band Tenzin takes the spotlight at Toppers’ Thursday Night Live. The band which features the dynamic vocals of Kayode Salina promises that this week’s event would definitely send you down memory lane. Kayode has worked on the Broadway classic “The Lion King” and has had a lot of experience working with several international artistes. It’s a performance that you definitely do not want to miss!

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WHO:             Tenzin

WHAT:           Musical Performance @ Thursday Night Live (T.N.L)

WHEN:          Thursday 23rd May, 2013 || Showtime: 9pm

WHERE:       Toppers Sports Bar and Grill, Grand Bazaar


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