TRINIDAD: Jack Warner Gets His Own Chutney Song.

Sup Travellers?! It seems as though since Jack Warner resigned he's been getting a lot of attention. But frankly, I think that that was his mission in the first place. He wanted to get all this extra attention for some underlying motive that we just don't about yet.

Anyway, midst all the mayhem Mr. Warner has gotten himself a theme song and I must admit that it's a really catchy tune. The song's name has Jack Warner written all over it because the name of the song is Jack Warner... Makes sense right?  After listening to it, it did sound like Jack Warner paid the singers and producers to make this song about him but that's just my opinion. The song was sung by Brian Mohan and Big Rich (De Pungalunks Factory).


I predict that in about one month time you're going to be hearing this song all over the place. You are even going to be wining to it in the club and grooving to it in your toilets. People will then start dressing up like Jack Warner during Carnival and a band named the Jackie Warnerns will be created with cheap costumes and bad service. We will all become like little zombies with the song playing over and over in our heads then out of nowhere, Jack Warner will run for Prime Minister. We will not be able to resist the urge to vote for him and all the people of Trinidad and Tobago will go bald and start speaking with a tie tongue. But that's just my prediction. Anyway, check out the song below.


  1. So that was a very scary prediction! But yeah man I could really see dummies wining down to this yes!


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