TOBAGO: 6 Year Old Boy Dies In Tobago On The Eve Of Mother's Day After A Freak Accident At A Pool.

Sup Travellers?! What's the worst mother's day gift ever? Well i'm not a mother, but I think it's a very simple answer. The worst mother's day gift is getting news that your child was killed. Now, think about how awful that would be and try to put yourself in the shoes of a Tobago mother who lost her 6 year old son on the eve of mother's day.

According to reports from the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, 6 year old Eric Gittins died on Saturday evening at around 5pm after a freak accident by a pool. Eric and his relatives were relaxing at the pool at Turtle Beach Hotel when the boy, decided to make a quick exit. 

As he was climbing out of the pool, police sources said, he grabbed the top of a concrete table in an effort to get himself out of the water. The top of the table became dislodged from its base, police sources said, and fell on the youngster. 

Young Eric who was reportedly bleeding from his head and nose, was quickly taken to the Scarborough General Hospital where he died while undergoing emergency treatment.


This is a very difficult time as you could imagine for Eric’s family. His death has shocked us tremendously. Right now, his relatives I think, are on their way to break the news to his grandfather in Valsayn, who was very, very close to Eric,” stated a relative yesterday during a brief telephone interview.

Now we can all sit at our computers or phones or tablets and start pointing fingers. We can't really blame the 6 year old because.......... HE'S 6!! And we can't put too much blame on the parents because they may not have sensed the threat. So who can we blame? The management and staff for putting a big stink concrete table next to a pool? I don't know, but how about instead of pointing fingers, let's just direct a quick pray to the family of the little one. Only God knows what they must be going through now. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.