TRINIDAD: 10 Month Old "Terrorist" In Trinidad And Tobago Foiled By Customs Officers At Piarco Airport...

Sup Travellers?! It must be a dream come true to work as a customs officer at Piarco airport in Trinidad. The thrills and spills are simply death defying. I mean, what other country can say that they foiled the plans of a 10 month old terrorist? Wait, I can answer that question... None. You know why? Because terrorists don't come in small. A 10 month old can't even make a bomb or even spell it, let alone detonate it. However, the custom officers at Piarco airport had a totally different mentality when it came to dealing with 10 month old babies.

According to reports from wired868, on Monday a team of very pro active customs officers at Piarco international airport apprehended a strapped young man in camouflage gear who was speaking in an incoherent manner and crying.


We presented our customs declaration form and the officer wrote something with a red ink and told us to go to the red line,” the child’s mother told the Trinidad Express. “I asked him why and he said it was because my son was wearing a camouflage pants and that was illegal.

The baby had a mean gangsta looking teddy bear stitched to his rear seemingly ready to set it off in that mofo with the help of his 10 month old counterpart. But looks can be deceiving The infant was stripped of his pants and made to exit the airport in pampers.

The day was saved, all thanks to the highly alert customs officers at Piarco airport. HOOORRRAAAAYY!! They sure showed that infant a thing or two. Who knew that in between his nap time, and quick switches to Discovery kids, he was a terrorist in disguise? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed

N.B: The kid wasn't really a terrorist and had no malicious intent. The word terrorist was used sarcastically. Just in case you didn't figure that out.