TECH: This Is The Closest Thing That We'll Get To An iBike.

Sup Travellers?! Are you an Apple fan? Then I guess that makes you an iFan right? But you want to know what's better than an iFan? An iBike. Despite the fact that Apple has not created an iBike, we got a little something that's the closest that we can get to it... Read on.

The "One Motorcycle Show" in Portland, Ore. took place in February. The show is home to some of the most gorgeous motorcycles in the world. So it shouldn't be a huge surprise that one of the entries was a bike made out of parts from the slickest computer company around, Apple.


An unidentified Motorcycle Show participant modded his motorcycle with parts from various Apple-made devices. Calling his creation "flashy" but "temperamental," he used an iPhone as a speedometer while a dissected Mac provides the power switch, USB and stereo jack that allow the same phone to act as the motorcycle's music player.

Skip to 1:30 on the video below to see the amazing iBike.