Tech: How to Use Social Media for SEO

There are many reasons why people use social media these days. One of them is to maintain a sense of self promotion and another is to ensure that one connects to important people of interest. No matter how social media tools are used, they are very important in ensuring that we get the best out of Internet with our limited resources. It is not easy to run an SEO campaign and it is certainly not easy to run a social media campaign. When both of them are combined to make sure that the end result is favourable, things start to look much better. For once, social media is closely related to SEO. Here are some of the reasons why SEO is related to social media:

1.      Social signals help build traffic
2.      Higher social engagement relates to credibility
3.      Websites with good social profiles have better engagement
4.      Social networks should be targeted depending on demographics
5.      Every social network is unique
With these topics in mind, we must assume that social media is the same as Internet. Internet is now totally social and those who do not understand this important aspect of modern Internet usage will stand to lose a lot. Internet has become so social that it is difficult to remove Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites from any company’s website. All these social tools have to be utilized cleverly in order to boost SEO rankings.

Why social signals should be given importance
A website that attracts more social signals is considered to be more important. This has a cascading effect on the credibility of a website. When a website is spoken about more on social networking sites, it will be considered to be more important.

How to increase social engagement
Social engagement can be increased by writing great posts that attract a lot of crowd. The writer must converse with the readers in the comments section. He or she should encourage discussions and make sure that social engagement is increased.

Why social profiles are important
Every website or company must place emphasis on social profiles. Social profiles ensure that a company is easily accessible and is social. Social profiles should also be active. Many companies make the mistake of starting social accounts and not updating them actively. Using a tool like Hootsuite or BufferApp is a great idea.

Social network demographics must be understood
Whenever a company or website tries to reach out to people on certain social networking sites, they should also understand the kind of people who uses them. Twitter is used by chatty people, Facebook by those who want more engagement, Tumblr by creative types and LinkedIn by professionals.

No social network is the same
Any SEO consulting firm will tell you that no social network is the same. They are all unique and different and each platform has its ups and downs. In order to make sure that one achieves success in this space, one must understand the uniqueness of users. This understanding will help in ensuring that SEO rankings improve in the long run.

Charlotte Waugh is an employee at an SEO consulting firm. She has helped her company to recruit offshore professionals in order to offset increasing costs.