SAD: Taylor Swift Look Alike Bullied And Beaten For Looking Like.... Taylor Swift.

Sup Travellers?! How's your day going thus far? It's probably a great day to listen to some Taylor Swift.... Not really. Speaking of Taylor Swift, do you know that there is an 18 year old British girl named Xenna Kristian who performs and stuff as a Taylor Swift look alike? She apparently makes money impersonating Taylor Swift. People love her for it but the haters outweigh.

According to reports from Gossip Cop Xenna, "Taylor Swift look alike", claims she was beaten by a classmate because she was jealous of her resemblance to the superstar singer. Personally I don't think that she looks like Taylor Swift, but who am I to judge? She says her assailant, without provocation, yanked her by the hair to the ground and began kicking her in the face.

"I was sat in a student area just talking on my phone," she says (with the grammatical error). "All of a sudden she came up from behind me and grabbed me by the hair, pulled me backwards off my chair onto the floor, and started kicking me in the face."

"She wouldn't let go of my hair. I tried to get up, but she just kept kicking me." She continued. As for going back and facing her peers, Xenna says the situation was already difficult before the beating.


"It was bad enough before, with comments in the streets and things, but when it went official and I started it as a career, it just got worse with certain people with looks and comments." Xenna said.

I don't know if it's just me. but to me, she doesn't look like Taylor Swift. Am I blind or something? She looks nothing like Taylor Swift. I think i'm going to make a career of impersonating celebrities from now on. People always tell me that I have a mad resemblance to Will Smith. But despite the fact that she looks nothing like Taylor Swift to me, the reason i'm writing about this is because I am against bullying. Taylor Swift look alike or not, bullying is not accepted and the assailant must face swift justice. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.