SAD: 24 People Dead, Including 9 Children, In Oklahoma From A 2 Mile Wide Tornado.

Sup Travellers?! The US is probably having one of the all time worst years ever in the history of America. I'm getting tired of reporting on all these tragedies in the US. It needs to stop. The year is almost halfway gone and the amount of tragedies in the US are mounting. If you don't already know, a Tornado ripped through the city of Oklahoma killing a bunch of people. At first the death toll was 91, but that was just the number of people missing at the time. I knew about it since yesterday but there were too many different reports. I couldn't write about it until I got all the facts right. Some were saying that 91 died, some said 51 people died.  But according to the latest reports from ABC news, the death toll has now been revised to 24 with 9 being children. Read on.

A two-mile-wide tornado touched down near Oklahoma City yesterday, leveling the suburb of Moore and leaving 24 confirmed dead so far, reports ABC News. "It is absolutely devastating, this is horrific," Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb said. "We're going to have fatalities. ... We're going to have significant injuries. ... We just don't know what those numbers are. Schools have been hit, a hospital has been hit, businesses have been flattened, neighborhoods have been wiped away—we don't have the numbers in yet but it is going to be significant and it is going to be horrific."

Seventy-five students were sheltered in one local elementary school, clinging to the walls as the tornado passed over, KFOR reports. Another elementary school received a "direct hit," reports ABC. "Cinderblocks and everything collapsed on them but they were underneath so that kind of saved them a little bit, but I mean they were trapped in there," said one boy, who sheltered in a bathroom. The National Weather Service says the tornado rating was at least EF4, which means winds of 166 to 200 miles per hour. Many people described the scenario as straight out of a movie.


The United States is one of the most important nations on the planet currently. Some may not agree with me, but a lot of other nations depend on the US. So when something tragic happens over there, we all feel it. My heart truly goes out to the people who lost their homes and loved ones in this tragic event. I pray for a speedy recovery. It's even more sad to know that another Tornado is brewing that can threaten as much as 10 million people in and around Oklahoma today according to CNN. Stay strong Oklahoma!! My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed