ENTERTAINMENT: Lil Wayne Just Signed Very Unlikely Woman To A Record Contract.

Sup Travellers?! Lil Wayne is crazy. Lil Wayne is Nuts. But Lil Wayne is filthy stinking rich and the *itches love him. I'm not a hardcore Lil Wayne fan but I am glad that he's still alive especially after his very scary near death experience recently. Anyway, just recently the famed rapper signed a super famous white chick to a record contract. Can she sing? Can she rap? Well we are just going to have to find out. Read on.

PAUSE FOR A CAUSE: I'm just saying. If you don't know who's the white chick in the picture below, you are way too young to be on social media.... Just saying. 

According to reports from TMZ, Lil Wayne has signed Paris Hilton to a record deal and she's planning on dropping ANOTHER album in the near future. Birdman confirmed the news on Twitter saying, "Lil Wayne's Cash Money family has a new member! Paris Hilton: RichgangRichgirl."


Even though this came as a complete surprise to everyone, you must note that Paris Hilton released an album already in 2006. I don't think much people bought it and the internet doesn't really have any record of the sales. But what we do know is that she was dropped from her previous record label. So I guess we can make an assumption of how well her album did.

Paris told Showbiz411, "The new album is a lot different than my first album. It's really going to be house music." I might just consider buying this Paris Hilton album. I actually like Paris Hilton.... Not really.  Let's look at a song from her previous album, Shall we?