ENTERTAINMENT: Alicia Keys Released Her New Music Video For Her Song, "New Day".

Sup Travellers?! I'm a bit late on this. 7 days late to be exact but who cares? Not me... I don't care. Anyway, Alicia Keys dropped her music video for her song "New Day" on May 1st and I love it. I didn't only love it because I think that Alicia Keys is one of the sexiest person on two legs but because it was a cool music video. No complains.

If you haven't seen the music video yet I recommend that you go to the bottom of this article right now and click play. If you're still reading this i'd think that you didn't listen to me and haven't gone to the bottom of the article and pressed play or you already saw the music video. You still here? Go press play!!!


Below is the official music video for Alicia Keys's song, "New Day". Hope you like it.