WEIRD: Woman Finds A Huge Surprise In Her Can Of Green Beans.

Sup Travellers?! When last did you use a can of green beans? Well, the next time you use one I reckon that you check it thoroughly for any green substances that aren't green beans. You can check for weed, lizards, snakes and the most popular of them all... Frogs.

Gloria Chubb was going about her business, microwaving the contents of a can of green beans when she discovered something decidedly un-green-bean-like. "I thought it was maybe a piece of moldy bacon or something," she told WBND, an affiliate of CNN. Turns out, Chubb discovered a frog, nearly intact except for some limbs floating among the green beans.

I'm sure the store that she bought the goods from were having some sort of promotional sales event. Free Frog in every purchase. It's like finding a toy in a cereal box, what's the difference? LOL.


She returned all her other unopened cans to Meijer, the supermarket that sold the can, and received a full refund. Chubb has since received an apology note from the canning company along with $50. Though Chubb luckily noticed the can before she consumed the frog, she told WBND, "I don't think I'll have green beans anytime soon."

I think i'm with Chubb on this one. I don't think i'll be eating any green beans anytime soon because before I take of a bite i'll only be thinking about Michigan J Frog from Looney tunes dancing to "Hello My Baby, Hello My Lady" in my green beans. Is that weird? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.