WEIRD: Man Has Been Charged For Stealing Toy Car At Gun Point.

Sup Travellers?! You want to hear about the best car-jacking of all time? I'm talking Grand Theft Auto kind of shiz. Well according to reports from the Osceola County, a man by the name of Efrain Burgos-Delgado robbed a 16 year old boy at gun point for his remote control toy car in Kissimmee, Florida.

The teen said that the man approached him at gunpoint and took his remote control car then fled off but soon returned and also took the boy's cell phone. He obviously forgot to take the cell phone because he was so focused on stealing the remote control car at first.


Burgos-Delgado allegedly told authorities that he had sold the car to buy drugs. The phone, which police say was in Burgos-Delgado's possession, was returned to its owner.

Burgos-Delgado has been charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, grand theft... "LOL. GRAND THEFT HUEHUEHUE HUE", dealing in stolen property, petty theft and resisting without violence.

This story is so retarded that I had to check it in to a mental facility. Is either the toy car has magic powers like Gandalf or something or that man is seriously high. High off of bullshit. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.