WEIRD: Florida Invaded By Rat Sized Snails

Sup Travellers?! On your journeys have you ever just hated rats and their smallishly large physique? Well if you hated it then you will hate these snails that i'm about to talk about. According to reports from Reuters, Florida is being invaded by large African land snails. The mega mollusks can grow as a big as an average sized rat which can be about 8 inches long.

More than 1,000 are already being caught per week in Miami-Dade County, and that number is set to swell when the mollusks end their underground hibernation, Reuters reports. Since September 2011, a disturbing 117,000 have been caught.

The invasion isn't just seriously disgusting, it's also problematic, a Florida Department of Agriculture rep explains, because the snails eat "over 500 known species of plants ... pretty much anything that's in their path and green." And that's not all: Their shells can blow out tires; their slime can make sidewalks slick; and they carry a lungworm that can give humans meningitis (though no US cases have been reported).

They're also tough to eradicate, since one typically produces about 1,200 eggs per year and can live up to nine years. The last invasion, in 1966, took $1 million—and about a decade—to deal with. Experts from all around the US held a symposium last week to discuss solutions. Among them: stronger bait.


Now this is some really scary stuff. Can you imagine one of these things sneaking up behind you? I personally think that the snails are just excited to the see the movie Turbo. If you don't know what that movie is, I suggest you look it up. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.