WEIRD: Eyeball Shaving? Yup, That's A Thing In China.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever just stared at your eyes and just say to yourself, "Damn, I need to get my eyes shaved"? Well now you can if you take a quick flight to China.

According to reports from Huffington Post, a 53 year old man by the name of Liu Deyan has a profession in eyeball shaving. This is no joke. He's an eyeball shaver. The process of eyeball shaving seeks to wash your eyes with a knife. So if you find that your eyes are dirty then Liu Deyan is your guy. He's been running an eye cleaning stand in Chengdu, China for a whole seven years.

The process, taking about five minutes, involves pulling the eyelid back, cleansing the eyeball and then shaving and scraping its surface. According to Chengdu Business Daily, doctors warn that eyeball shaving was abandoned because it risks cross-infection. Because obviously that's the biggest problem right? LOL.


If you decide to get your eyeballs shaved or not it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.