WEIRD: The Easter Bunny Has Been Pulled Over On His Way To A Charity Event!!

Greetings Travellers!! The Easter Bunny has been pulled over!! Say it 'ain't' so. According to reports from Lamesas.patch, San Diego CHP Officer Adam Griffiths pulled over a motorcyclist clad in a full-body white rabbit costume Saturday.

"I'm stopping the Easter Bunny," Griffiths announced over the radio.

Griffiths said he stopped the rabbit-suited man -- whose name has not been released -- because he was riding the motorcycle without a helmet. Additionally, the large rabbit head was "a visual impairment."

Now i'm sure you asking yourself this question, "How is this story newsworthy?". Well it isn't really I just found it really How often does the Easter Bunny get pulled over? The bunny, who was on his way to a charity event, got off with just a warning. He ended up removing the rabbit head and stowing it in his sidecar for the remainder of his trip.

It seems like an Easter can't go by without some bunny getting in trouble with the law.

In April 2012, Joshua Lee Bolling was dressed as a rabbit when he was arrested on drug charges.

That same month, Ohio man Justin Medema was working as an Easter Bunny, Mentor Patch reported, when he was caught allegedly stealing more than $1,000 worth of DVDs.

Eventhough the Easter Bunny got pulled over it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed