TRINIDAD: Tommy Lee Speaks Out About His Failed Show In Trinidad And Blames It On............

Greetings Travellers!! In order to reap the full benefits of this post I ask you read this in a Jamaican accent. Hope you got your Jamaican accent on. Okay here goes..... You know what, forget it, read it in your own bloodclat accent.

The Jamaican superstar Tommy Lee recently flew his rasclat to Trinidad the other day for a show. Sadly enough, the show was a complete and utter failure. Only 9 people attended the concert at Guaracara Park in Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad.

The concert was highly publicised but it seems as though Trinidadians don't give a flying fish about Tommy Lee. The concert had to be called off by the promoters at 2am because they were tired and didn't want to inhale the aroma of failure any longer. I know who the promoters of the event were but i'm not in the mood to make out anybody


The reps for Tommy Lee blamed everything from rain to the crime rate in Trinidad to the location of the event for the failed show but we all know that's all a pack pigeon shiz. Crime has never been a hindering factor for event turnouts in Trinidad and Tobago nor did location. If it's having an event under a stinking rock Trinis will find themselves there.

Besides rain at the out door venue, Trinidad is presently experiencing a spike in crime rates and most persons did not feel comfortable going out to the event,” Tommy Lee reps said in the statement. “The location selected by the promoter was farfetched in South Trinidad.

Despite Tommy Lee's excuses, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

If you never heard Tommy Lee's music check out the devilish music video below.


  1. BUNCH AH BLASTED SHIT!!!! Excuse the french. I thought he is "Uncle Demon or Nephew Demon or Cousin Demon"??? Why if he is this big bad demon man he afraid to come because of CRIME!!??? Yeah!!! "CRIME" They said.... LOL!! WASTE AH BLASTED TIME. U cant get me to pass piss on one of he tickets or cds.

  2. I'm sure those 9 people included the Clean Up crew... I don't understand WTF he says but he needs to get his hair "did"!!!

  3. Trinidad people are not stupid. Yes they may like some of your songs but speaking about being the uncle demon and wanting them to come your concert smh I'm sorry would not happen. No one is going to a concert to become possess or see demons


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