TRINIDAD: On Duty Trini Officers Abduct Woman Then Rape Her.

Sup Travellers?! How are you this fine day? It's raining where I am. You want to know some sh*t right now? According to reports from the Guardian, two constables from Trinidad and Tobago were charged for the rape of a woman. It doesn't get any worst than that You want to know what makes it even worse? They were on duty while they raped her 2 weeks ago. The officers were detained for the crime on Monday

Okay, so here's what happened, according to the raped woman:  She and her boyfriend were parked near the Caroni Bird Sanctuary around midnight when a marked police vehicle, with flashing sirens, pulled alongside them. The woman claimed the officers approached them and after a short conversation ordered her into their vehicle. It is always recommended that you listen to the commands given to you by officers. So she did the right thing by listening to the cops, but did she really do the right thing?

Instead of being taken to the police station the cops took her to a desolate area in Chaguanas where they took turns raping her. They then dropped her off in Chaguanas. The woman found her way to the Chaguanas Police Station where she made a report. The woman was then medically examined at the Chaguanas Health Facility where it was proven she had been sexually assaulted.


This story makes me feel sick to my stomach. The very people that are suppose to protect you from being violated are the same fools that are doing it. Even though there are lots of good officers in Trinidad and Tobago, i'm still not taking any chances with them. What if a police car pulls over by you and take all your money? That's some crap right there. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Did they expect to get away with it....? no bail for them i think

  2. death penalty....

  3. What?! this is fcked up man. That's why i always say, a police car that's pulling you over, besides the usual road block, just keep driving until you reach a police station and have them question you there.


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