TRINIDAD: Dead Body Found In The Caroni Swamp.

Sup Travellers?! Got some really sad news for you tonight. Even though stuff like this happens almost every day in Trinidad, my heart still sinks every time a fellow Trinidadian is murdered. According to reports from the Trinidad Express a dead body was found stuck in a mangrove at the Caroni swamp, Trinidad.

The body was spotted around 1:30 pm on Saturday by six fishermen who were searching for some tilapia in the Caroni Swamp. Ganesh Ramroop, 23, one of the fishermen that found the body said that they were not hesitant to call the police when the body was spotted.

The National Security Operations Centre helicopter, Viper One, and members of the Fire Service Search and Rescue team also joined the effort to remove the body. It took them quite a while to remove the body but they were soon successful.


The dead body has yet to be identified but is described as a man of African descent with blonde hair. He is believed to have been killed and dumped two days since his discovery.

Now there isn't much people of African descent that sport blonde hair in Trinidad. Well at least from my knowledge. So the body should be identified very soon. This is so sad. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.