TRINIDAD: 150 Corbeaux Mysteriously Die In Chaguaramas. Is It The Bird Flu?

Greetings Travellers!! Corbeaux or black vultures are known for being around the dead but they are usually alive when they are. However, in a very special case, a group of corbeaux have been found dead all in the area of Heliport Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Everybody instantly suspected the new strain of bird flu that is running rampant in china but the Trinidad Guardian shows otherwise.

According to reports, the birds died by eating a poisoned carcass. In a telephone interview yesterday, CEO of the EMA Joth Singh said the authority had  received reports about the dead and dying birds and had launched an investigation. “We can’t identify an environmental cause  as such that they were exposed to,” he reported.  “There were 150 birds, we estimated. There was nothing else in the vicinity. We have been liaising with the Poultry Surveillance Unit, which is part of the National Disease Centre, to see if it was a case of the avian flu,

Singh said preliminary tests had shown avian flu had not killed the birds. “That was not the cause and there is speculation that they may have been poisoned, that they were poisoned by an animal or carcass that they ate. We are trying to eliminate the causes and we have not found any chemical spills or seen any anywhere,” he said.


Now even though the EMA said that it isn't the Bird flu, I still reckon that everyone stay far because Joth Singh could just be simply bullshitting us saying that so no one will panic. Any which way, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.