The Internship Preview

The upcoming comedy by 20th Century Fox starring Wedding Crashers duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson is said to be a real laugh riot in keeping with the times. Shawn Levy, whose work in Night at the Museum and Real Steel prompted rave reviews, is directing the film. Produced by Vince Vaughn and Levy, with the screenplay by Vaughn and Jared Stern, the movie seems to be the trio’s second collaboration since 2012’s ‘The Watch’.

The story centers around two veteran watch salesmen in their mid forties, Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) who find themselves suddenly unemployed and face to face with the fact that their methods of salesmanship in the 21st century are outdated, and the products they have marketed over the years have become obsolete. They discover that the world around them has transformed into a digital arena, where the neck to neck competition to excel is fiercer than the facing the lions in the Roman Colosseum.
After many hours of intensive online job hunting, Billy and Nick chance upon an internship program at Google. If the hilarious trailer scene in which they are being interviewed on Google Hangout, and react to the microphone and the web cam like a pair of net novices is anything to go by, the film promises to be a screaming hit.
Once the two are selected through sheer wit and imagination, they find themselves being pitted in competition against the twentyish tech-heads of the century to prove their prowess in a technologically innovative world, and win full-time employment at Google.
The comedy presents a host of colorful characters including a sexy tech-nerd, a mobile phone junkie, a socially inept genius, and an oddball techie looking to fit in.

The film’s brilliant cast includes Australian actress Rose Byrne of X-men fame as Wilson’s dangerous love interest, American TV actress Joanna Garcia in the role of Vaughn’s girlfriend, the versatile John Goodman as the Company Boss, and comedian Eric Andre as the duo’s mentor.
The Hollywood grapevine has it that Max Minghella (Ides of March) was signed on to play an intern who sabotages Vaughn and Wilson. Dylan O’Brien of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ fame also plays an undisclosed role in the film.

Jessica Szohr (best remembered for Gossip Girl) stars as Marielena, a dance instructor, while Tia Sircar (Vampire Diaries) plays out her role as a tech-head with pizzazz. The film is also peppered with roles by Bruno Amato, B.J. Novak, Josh Brener (Glory Daze), and Josh Gad.
We have heard that Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show would be featured in the film as the head of the internship program at Google, and Filipino actor Tobith Raphael  as one of the techies.
All set to open in cinemas worldwide on June 7th, ‘The Internship’ offers a view on the hardships of ‘old-school-ers’ adapting to the present time, and goes on to prove that old-fashioned knowledge is still a valuable commodity in the digital world.

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