TECH: Facebook Announces Some Epic New Facebook Stuff For Your Delight.

Greetings Travellers!! I am 100% sure that you are currently logged into Facebook at the first glance of this post. So i'm also 100% sure that you are curious to know some of the big announcements made by Zuckers and friends in the big conference they had today.

Now the first thing that Facebook announced was the introduction of a new app called Facebook Home. Facebook Home is a suite of apps and home screen replacement for Android phones. It replaces your lock screen with a Cover Feed that prioritizes updates from your friends and family instead of an app. Everything is designed to be just a swipe away, from your chat sessions to your standard android apps.

The focus however, is on the full screen images that become your new welcome screen. These are status updates from friends that you can swipe through and double tap to like. Plain status updates are placed over that person’s cover photo, to keep the look consistent.

Notifications are represented by small cards that have the famous Facebook algorithm applied to them to determine which are most important to the user. You can swipe the notification off screen or long press one notification to pull the rest to it and dismiss them in a single stack.

The chat feature called Chat Heads reduces the icon of a friend to a round icon that you can tap in order to see the chat log with them. You can swipe up to collapse the entire log or move their icon around on the screen while your chatting.

Navigating the app outside of the standard Android buttons, utilizes a home button that uses your profile photo for the icon. Tap it takes you back to your Home with all of your social updates. Long pressing it presents you with three options:

Swipe left for the messenger, Swipe up for your apps, and swipe to the right to open your latest app.


Also revealed was the “Facebook Phone” when is called the HTC First. The phone itself isn’t really Facebook phone but is the first phone to roll out with Facebook Home pre-loaded and optimized. It will be available in 4 colors: Red, Turqouise, White and Black.

The HTC First will be available the same day that Facebook Home is: April 12th. While the app is free, the phone will be available for $99.99 exclusively with AT&T.

I honestly can't wait to get my hands on that app. I wonder if it works with Kindles? Hmmm, I don't know but it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed