SAD: Another 15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide After Being Raped. The Rapists Have Been Charged

Sup Travellers?! It's always sad to hear when a young person commits suicide. Life is so precious and valuable and everyone deserves to at least live out there natural lifespan no matter how messed up their life is. According to reports from the NBC Bay Area, a 15-year-old California girl named Audrie Pott committed suicide in September, just days after she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

Now this is old news, but what's new is that three 16-year-old boys have been arrested in the case. Photos of the alleged attack were posted on the Internet; before her suicide, Audrie Pott wrote on Facebook that "the whole school knows…. My life is ruined." The boys were held in juvenile detention before their hearing; The boys have been charged with sexual battery and child pornography possession and dissemination.

The boys reportedly attacked Pott after she she drank alcohol and passed out at a party, reports the AP. (The suit claims the boys removed Audrie's shorts and "digitally penetrated her, and/or penetrated her with a foreign object, and/or sexually abused her.") When she woke up, she found writing on her body: "They wrote 'Blank Was Here' on her leg," says a lawyer for the parents, referring to one alleged attacker's name.


A lawyer for the family described the attack: "Based on what we know, she was unconscious; there were multiple boys in the room with her ... They did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious." The family decided to release Pott's name in hopes that the story would help prevent such incidents in the future. The parents hope the boys are tried as adults. "What these boys did is beyond unconscionable," says the lawyer. "They should be held to the highest standard of the law to make sure this never ever happens again." The news comes amid reports of a similar story in Canada. Remember Rehtaeh Parsons? I wrote about her last week.

Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.