NEWS: Tragic Earthquake In China Kills 100+ People And Injures 1000's

Sup Travellers?! This week has been jampacked with just sad sad news. Right on the peak of its end another tragic disaster struck, and this time in China. A powerful earthquake struck the steep hills of China's southwestern Sichuan province today, leaving at least 124 people dead and more than 2,600 injured, nearly five years after a devastating quake wreaked widespread damage across the region. This was reported by Reuters.

Today's quake, while not as destructive as that in 2008, toppled buildings, triggered landslides, and disrupted phone and power connections in mountainous Lushan county. The village of Longmen was hit particularly hard, with authorities saying nearly all the buildings there had been destroyed in a frightening minute-long shaking.  

Rescuers turned the square outside the Lushan County Hospital into a triage center, according to footage on China Central Television. Rescuers dynamited boulders that had fallen across roads to reach Longmen and other damaged areas lying farther up the mountain valleys.


The China Earthquake Administration said at least 124 people had died. The government of Ya'an city, which administers Lushan, said in a statement that more than 2,600 people were injured, 330 of them severely. The quake—measured by the earthquake administration at magnitude-7.0 and the US Geological Survey at 6.6—struck the steep hills of Lushan county shortly after 8am local time.

I really hope that next week gets better because this week was horrible.....SIGH!!!! My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.