NEWS: Huge Earthquake Hits Iran.

Sup Travellers?! This week has been a very horrible week so far. First the bombings in Boston yesterday and a huge quake in Iran today. The week hasn't gotten any better yet, let's just hope for the best. Anyway, according to reports from the BBC, a 7.8 magnitude quake has rocked Iran near the Pakistan border.

It was initially reported by USGS that over 40 people were killed but it has since retracted that, saying only 5 were injured, the BBC reports. "Fortunately, the earthquake resulted in no fatalities," a provincial governor tells Reuters. However the details are still unclear because there have been reports of at least five deaths on Pakistan's side of the border. Tremors were reportedly felt throughout the Middle East, and as far away as Dubai and New Delhi.


The AP reports that across the Gulf, high-rise buildings swayed and officials ordered evacuations. A 6.1-magnitude quake killed 37 in Iran last Tuesday; officials said that temblor didn't damage the Bushehr nuke plant. The Russian company that built the plant tells Reuters there was again no damage.

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