NEWS: Hitler's Food Taster Tells Her Story For The First Time.

Greetings Travellers!! Do you remember that guy by the name of Hitler? He looked like an Adolf. Well, he's been dead for exaggeratedly a gazillion years ago but his food taster is still alive and well if you consider 95 years old alive and well. Anyway the 95 year old finally jumped out herself and found it fit to tell her story before her time is up.

Margot Wölk spent two and a half years tasting Adolf Hitler's food, living in fear that one of the delicious dishes might be poisoned. Now 95, Wölk who, with time, learned to take pleasure in eating again just started talking about her experiences.

"There was never meat because Hitler was a vegetarian," Wölk tells der Spiegel. "The food was good—very good. But we couldn't enjoy it." As Germany went hungry, Wölk tasted things like white asparagus in sauce made with real butter, noodle dishes, and exotic fruits. She was ordered into the food-tasting service by the SS after she fled Berlin for the East Prussian village of Gross-Partsch, located less than two miles from Hitler's "Wolf's Lair," at age 24.


She and 14 other young women made sure the Allied forces hadn't poisoned the food; then it was served to Hitler. A lieutenant ultimately saved her life when the Soviet army was closing in, sending her on a train to Berlin. She later learned the other food tasters were shot by the Soviet soldiers; she herself was eventually caught by the Soviet army, and raped repeatedly. In 1946, she was finally reunited with her husband, who had been at war and imprisoned. She finally decided to talk about her life because, she says, "I just wanted to say what happened there. That Hitler was a really repugnant man. And a pig." .

It's very obvious that whatever Hitler was eating it was some really good stuff because that woman lived really long, but this doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.