Guess Whose Baby Is This.

Sup Travellers?! This adorable little nugget is the son and first child of one of the biggest pop stars in the world. The singer had the baby with her soccer star boyfriend of two years in late January 2013.

Now, he’s a healthy, growing 3-month-old boy. Can you guess who's baby boy is this just by looking at the photo?

Well if you didn't guess by now, it's Shakira's. The Colombian pop star Shakira is a judge on the voice and her little boy regularly accompanies her. He seems to not be very camera shy. That could go a long way for him in his future despite the fact that he probably doesn't even know what a camera is.

Milan’s father, soccer star Gerard Piqué, has also tried to get his son into the “family business,” buying him the latest jerseys and merchandise for his team, FC Barcelona.


Did you guess it right?